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We Are A Girls High School Lacrosse Team Combining Anderson High School & McCallum High School

Knitros Girls Lacrosse Club

Welcome to the KniTros Girls Lacrosse Club!

The 2017-2018 KniTros are a combined girls high school lacrosse club from both McCallum "Knights" and Anderson "Trojans" High Schools, grades 9th-12th.

KniTros Girls Lacrosse is a high school club sport run by parent volunteers and solely funded by membership dues and donations.  We are members of the Central Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League (CTGHSLL). 

Lacrosse registration is now OPEN with practices, scrimmages and tournament throughout the Fall.  January kicks off the official Spring season with practices and tournaments.  Followed by high school games February through April, with playoffs in late April early May.

Regular monthly parent booster club meetings are held at both McCallum and Anderson High Schools.  Open to all who wish to attend. 

This year Fall practices will be at Murchison Middle School on Tuesday and Thursdays.  With Spring practices being held at both Brentwood Elementary (Mondays and Wednesdays) and Murchison Middle School (Tuesdays and Thursdays). 

Players registration fees for both the Fall/Spring seasons will help pay for items such as uniforms, tournament costs, team insurance, game officials, coaches and any additional needed gear.  When financial assistance dollars are available, the Knitros will work to assist a participant in the program who cannot afford the fees (contact treasurer or other board members).   

We are always looking for new players for this fast paced and exciting game, no experience necessary.  This group of young women prides themselves on their ability to promote both academic and athletic excellence through hard work and determination. 

Come join us!

Ken Jones
Club President

2016 Knitros, Thank You Ryan Battle and Family!

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